What is Info Coin?

Info Coin is the premium bridge for humanity, closing the gap between technical difficulties of cryptos and usage from people.
We firmly believe in blockchain technology, in its scalability and variety of usage; to enhance and spread its capabilities
between the highest possibile number of user, you have to take a step in and travel the bridge.

The Info Coin bridge to the future!

Who are we?

InfoCoin is a coin designed and developed by a group of block chain software specialists from around the globe. Many of our team members already work in other areas of crypto and IT, such as website administration, IT development and software engineering.

We built and designed Info Coin as a payment device for all the services we offer to other cryptocurrency users and developers.

Our Aims

We are aiming to continuously expand and growth the coin itself with the implementation and development of your cryptocoin needs!

Backed by the power of the CryptoInfo network and built FOR the community and BY the community, InfoCoin intends to help people learn how to mine, trade and stake crypto currency while providing our skilled team a great low fee monitization of their amazing skills. We look forward to building you the platform of your dreams or helping you learn how to use crypto currency!

Our Services

Our services include an exceptional array of solutions, and if you do not find one that suits you, you can contact us and we will make it happen.
Some example of services already given with great success include, but are not limited to:

New Coin Design
New Coin Design
Simple Banners
Simple Banners
Advertising Campaign
Advertising Campaign
Building Custom Platform
Custom Platform
Websites Development
Websites Development

You ask for it, we do it.
You think of it, we'll make it real.